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Exit Strategy

In the process of starting D.I.-Why, I realized that bringing on investors might not be a bad idea. If you take a look at the companies shaping “the new music industry,” investors are heavily financing their trek toward profitability. Why should my baby be any different? To get things rolling, I put together a deck. […]

Foursquare Etiquette

I resisted writing this post for a while, because I’m either gonna piss off a few people or (at best?) come off sounding all snooty and elitist. Finally though, that moment has passed. Foursquare is a cool way to share information about where you’re at, offer cool tips, and play inside some marketing guy’s dream […]


It's really not something that needs to be discussed, or at least that's what I thought. When you're working with a client/artist/musician/band/whatever, the asumption is that everyone involved will conduct themselves in a professional manner. Unfortunately, at 3 AM, this isn't what happened...